A denim chambray jumpsuit, copied from an RTW piece

I made this jumpsuit around this time of year, last year. We all know how that summer was, so I won’t get into it right now.

denim jumpsuit

I had never made a jumpsuit before, but I owned one, and I was a little obsessed with it and the knowledgeable mechanic vibe the jumpsuit was giving me. I had this fabric for a long time and I received it as a gift from a special and kind person, so I wanted to use it for something I would wear, even though the floral pattern is not what I usually wear. Furthermore, I thought that the boxy shape of the jumpsuit would tone down the girlishness of the florals.

denim jumpsuit

I didn’t have quite enough for all pieces, so I used a piece of blue-grey cotton I had in deep stash for the back and lining. I used metal snaps that I already had. Not only that, but I also made a fabric belt from the same cotton material.

All in all, I think it looks quite OK, except the florals don’t look less girly, they just make the jumpsuit look like fancy pyjamas (silent sob).

denim jumpsuit

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