A denim kimono-inspired jacket

I made this kimono jacket last year, I think. The whole last year and a half is all a blur in my head, I should make better use of my sewing journal to track these things in the future. It’s a very simple shape, a big square and two square sleeves, slightly tapered at the wrist. A side tie keeps it closed.

kimono like denim top

I can’t even remember when I bought this denim, it feels like it’s been in my stash forever, and I am happy I have put it to good use.

I wore this a few days ago with a black of linen pants and felt amazing. I looked a bit like a ninja, and felt like a million bucks. Nonsense, I have no idea what a million bucks feels like. I’m sure it’s overrated. It was very comfy and it felt like me. You know that feeling?

kimono inspired denim top

If you are interested in making this, I can make a simple pattern recipe, it’s a very simple construction.

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