A Retro Jumper Reconstruction

I bought this blue retro floral jumper from a thrift shop almost a year ago. It looked exactly like a jumper I had when i was six 😀

It was so tacky I had to try making something out of it.

retro blue floral jumper

At first I wanted to reconstruct it into a short sleeved hoodie, but then I realized there wasn’t enough fabric in the jumper for the hood itself. And to make the hood from another fabric was em… not cool.

So there it stayed, in the darkness of my (ever-growing) to be refashioned pile, for many many months. Until the inspiration struck.

retro blue jumper refashioned

So I cut everything. I Cut and shortened the sleeves to make them 3/4, reattached the blue cuffs and reshaped the body of the jumper. I also cut a deep cleavage, because the fabric is thick and I didn’t want to look like I just ate a baby whale* when wearing it.

Then I sewed it all back and voila! – prettiness. The new cut makes it look feminine and delicate and springily not at all tacky. Just a bit retro maybe, but that’s cool :>

I know you guys prefer action photos, so I’ll try to get those soon.

What do you think? What would you have done with it?