A thought on Self Stitched September

I decided to join Zoe’s sewing challenge because it sounded like immense fun. Then, as the days were eating into September I realized keeping a diary of the clothes you wear is more difficult than it sounds. I wanted to get out of the challenge until I read the comments and posts of other people in the same game. And then I said, ok, let’s see.

My first goal was to sew more clothes for myself, the second to try new patterns and the third to draft my own patterns. And even though it may not have been visible, these goals were fulfilled, which is absolutely great.

So roundup (with stuff I showed you before and stuff I didn’t):

Trying new patterns: – the bloomers and the bicolor shorts

Drafting my own patterns: – elastic waist pink blouse (pictured above) and yoga pants, 2 elastic waist skirts

Sewing more clothes for myself: see all the above: )

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