Bookworm session – How to use Google for your crafty needs

You might not be surprised to find out that The Mighty Internet is actually a good resource for sewing info and tips. I remember my own excitement a few years ago, when I discovered I thought I have reached heaven. There was not other place where you could ask silly sewing or crafting questions like: how do I build the bottom of a messenger bag whitout using interface:)


Buuut, today we will be talking about google books. Exactly. Put those glasses back on, because there are some craft books that you can read without going to the library and without making your significant other mad with the craft things you bring into the house. (Another craft book? But you have 100 already??)

Now you can use your own online personal library to store your favourite craft books. 

I have some in my library and will be adding more. (Can subscribe if you want to:)

If you are a complete beginner you can try these two easy giudes: this one is better for understanding your sewing machine and the other one for shears and cutting techniques.

And if we’re talking about 101 sewing you can also take a look at this one about fabric, machine and sewing tools. Have fun:)

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