Bye Bye Back Gap: how to tailor your pants



You’re probably here to learn how to tailor your pants. I can help. But first, a story!

I was in a shop the other day, looking for a pair of dressy trousers (one of the things I still buy rather than make, but I want to challenge this soon). The ones that did fit were itchy, the ones made in a nice fabric were too big… as always I couldn’t find a nice pair of trousers to fit me. “Is it so much to ask, that a pair of pants would fit?” I was asking myself when one of the shop attendants reached out through the curtain: “How does that fit?” she asked.

Before answering I realized she was wearing a pair of trousers very similar to one I had just tried on. They looked great on her. So it is possible to buy pants that fit you. For some very lucky people. I made a comment about it.

“- Oh, darling, they’re tailored, no pants would fit me properly otherwise. These were too big so I had them shave some of the fabric from the backside. Do you know how much it costs to get pants tailored? A fraction of the price you’re paying for them.”

Oh, what, but of course. I spend hours fitting the garments I make and I expect ready-made, mass garments to fit me perfectly. So I went home and pondered where was the extra fabric and how to shave that off.

And she was right, there is a 20 minutes adjustment you can make to those pants that gap in the back or don’t fit you at the waist area, below the before and after:

How to tailor your pants easily so that there is no back gap.

  • First, rip the seams and remove the belt loop, then open up the waistband
  • Take in the extra fabric from the area shown above in the “after” back photo
  • Cut the extra fabric off, trim the waistband to fit the smaller back of your pants
  • Fold back the waistband and cover the seam with the loop
  • You’re done!

Enjoy your great-fitting pants!

sky turtle how to tailor your trousers

So, do you tailor your own clothes?

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