Couture Sewing Techniques: How to Sew a Banded V-Neck

couture sewing tips

So you want to make your handmade clothes flawless. You buy the good fabric, the best thread, you invest time and hope to make clothes that will fit and last forever.

If making clothes that look as good on the wrong side as they do on the good side is your things, then you’ll find this small couture sewing guide really useful.

Want to know the secret of a perfectly sewn banded v-neck on a knit fabric?

  1. Interface and staystich your neckline
  2. To cut your neckband, measure the garment’s neckline, then ad 10 cm (4 in)
  3. Fold and press the neckband, overlock for a tidy finish.
  4. Stitch the band in place, stop a few cm before the end of the V neck, then overlap the ends.
  5. Trim the neckband and topstitch the neckline
  6. And Voila! a beautiful, couture banded v-neck.

Look at the step by step instructions below:

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