Discovering Food: Ceviche

When they said they’re going not going to cook the fish, I though ah, sushi. It’s fine. When they said the fish is cooked by the acids of the onion and lemon that you marinate it with I though – yeah, sure.

Ceviche is a Peruvian dish popular in the coastal regions or South and Central America. The fresh fish is cut into small fingertip pieces and marinated in a mix of lemon, lime and onion juice. Our chef let it “cook” for no more than 10 minutes and it was amazing to see the pink raw flesh turning cooked white. Delicious!

I specially liked it with chili peppers sauce, but if you don’t eat to spicy, you can skip that. Another thing that I loved was the fried corn. We also had fried plantains with a tomato and finely chopped onion sauce and toast. Mmm 🙂

And it you want to try it, this recipe is pretty similar to what we had.

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