Experimenting with beads – a minimalist kind of bead embroidery

I love buying beads, buttons, sequins and all kinds of plastic or metallic confetti that can be used as sequins for that matter, but when it comes to putting them in use… err that’s another story.
I could embellish clothes but I know I wouldn’t wear the clothes afterwards. I could put them on shoes, but then you’d have to kill me to wear them. I could make bracelets, but I’m not a big bracelet fan either. I’ve previously made earrings and they turned out very pretty. Too bad they’ve never seen the outside of my home.
Such a drama this is… to like beads but to be unable to use them.
Until I’ve discovered I can live with bead embellished coin pouches and pouches in general. So I am nowadays in the phase of exploring new ways to use beads on fabric.
I used an ikea fabric (that I’ve also used for the leftover bag) that had these contrasting orange dots and I “embroidered” the beads on it.
We’ll see tomorrow how that looks on the final “product”. How do you use beads and what’s your relationship with them? 🙂

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