Felt Leaves Drive Sleeve + Leaves Pattern

After elegantly failing at making myself a nice external drive sleeve with the newspaper fabric set I decided to simplify.

No lining, no pockets, just a yellow piece of thick felt and that’s it. So I’ve cut, sewn and embroidered and thus my new and more practical leaves drive sleeve was born.

To keep the cable close and handy I sewn a felt strap on the back. The sleeve closes with a button.

Here’s a free leaves pattern for you to download in case you have trouble with the leaves. You can also use it as an embroidery pattern if you want to embellish a tee or a skirt with multicolored fall leaves.

As for the drive itself, you don’t need any pattern at all, just two felt rectangles, the size of your drive + a few centimetres more sewing allowance.

Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

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