Finally – a little shop update

Last week, in the metro, I had one of those sewing related illuminations and realized how well one of the bags that I stitched for myself a few years ago is still behaving. I have to admit that I – from time to time – am amazed of how much durable the things I sew for myself are as opposed to the ones that are shop-bought. But that’s another mystery to solve another time.

And I’ve also managed to actually sew three bags for the shop (which didn’t happen in ages). So without further ado or shameless self-promotion, here are the Baroque Floral, the Blue Coral and the World Map handbags, all medium-sized, with an adjustable strap and two lovely inside pockets each.

floral fabric bag

I guess the reason why I like this bag in particular is that it’s super light and it looks good empty if you’re minimalistic or just going out for a quick walk and fits a lot of things if you’re like me and tend to carry everything around.

blue coral white fabric bag

world map fabric bag

My first model had zippered pockets that I never ever closed so I decided to get rid of them for these bags and just make bigger zipper-less “nested” pockets in the lining.

blue coral white fabric bag

And that’s it. As always, I’ll try to get action shots as soon as I can. Also, comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

8 thoughts on “Finally – a little shop update”

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Liz 😀
      And I saw you subscribed to my blog – how wonderful!
      What would you like to read about on this blog?

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  3. Hi there! I’ve been watching your blog for a long time now.

    due to emergancies in my family I had no money to buy a bag! The moment I saw your first bag made with the world map fabric, I fell in love! I was just wondering if you do custom orders?

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