Very nerdy external drive sleeve set

handmade external drive sleeve in newspaper print

You cannot possibly get nerdier than this.

When you start with newspaper printed fabric – home tinted with coffee to give it a vintage look – you think you’re going to end up with something cool. Well guess again.

I guess my first “slip” was not realizing that the sleeve needs a separate pouch for the cables. Duh. This is why you want a non-scratchy thing for your drive in the first-place; it’s not necessary that your own cables scratch it.

handmade external drive sleeve in newspaper print

Only after making the pouch I’ve realized how impractical is to have two separate pouches. I should have made an outside pocket, of course. These two are now kept together with a very elegant and most exquisite black elastic band 🙂

But the felt lining is a good idea, and if you’re going to use sturdier fabric for the outside, like tapestry fabric, you don’t need to put batting between the layers. Plus, the felt helps get rid of all those nasty fingerprints.

So that’s that for my first mini-sleeve try. I am planning of crafting a better one. And a new sleeve for my laptop.

I’ll be back 🙂

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