How to improve your blog writing and SEO techniques II

Welcome to our second episode of DIY SEO improvement: ). (The first was about how people find you and general CEO.)

Organic and sponsored results

You have to decide for which words you want to be up there in the first reesults on a search engine.

If you want your brand name, that is easy. Being a unique name, it is very probable that the engine will know you. (Check out my example with skyturtle or SkyTurtle)

Then, you have to decide which words are important for you and try to best the best for those. For example, for me, that could be : handmade, bags, DIY, sewing.

How does a crawler function?

Now, the search engines index pages with the help of some very nice robots, called crawlers. What they do is surf from one page to another and index the sourcecode. Images are invisible to them, this is why it is very important that you name your images (in a relevant way:).

The crawler looks for three things:


  • content
  • popularity
  • trusted info

For a relevant content (not copy-pasted from another website!:P) that wants to make friends with the crawlers use rich copywriting, tags, bold, internal and external links.) remember that the crwaler thinks that the title is more important than a normal word, then the first style subtitle, then the bold, etc.


Now try to put the words you chose in the beggining in the tags, bold, titles etc.

A good way to find the best keywords is Google trends. Use uncommon words, you will have less competitors and use phrases instead of single words.

So I should refine my keywords now: “handmade bags” instead of “handmade” and “bags”. I could try “unique bags” etc.

Next episode: how to use these keywords.

3 thoughts on “How to improve your blog writing and SEO techniques II”

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  2. hei!!! voiam sa-ti multumesc pt articolele astea 2 🙂 stiu ca a trecut ceva timp de cand le-ai scris. eu am pus in aplicare (pe cat posibil) sfaturile tale si acum pot sa declar cu mandrie 😀 ca, daca dai search pe google “genti handmade”, blogul meu este al doilea rezultat. la la!!

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