How to make an easy elastic-waist skirt

These elastic waist skirts are so fun to make and wear. And a perfect project for your small fabric stash. And they are so very easy to sew.

Here’s a quick tutorial explaining how to sew your very own fabulous elastic waist skirt.

Happy sewing!

The photo is from, as my photo was blurry 🙁

4 thoughts on “How to make an easy elastic-waist skirt”

  1. What side of the fabric is the elastic sewn on? Also is the elastic hidden like in the asos photo?

    1. If you look closely at the diagram, you’ll see that the elastic is sewn on the right side, then flipped up (so the seams are invisible). The elastic is not hidden in this tutorial but you could if you make a tube of fabric, put the elastic in and sew everything together just as you would sew the elastic.

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