How to make a lavender sachet

Lavender is one of these almost magical, seductive plants: some say it soothes headaches and relaxes the body, others prefer it as an infusion. In a village in south France, I even found lavender syrup – to be mixed with water or put on top of pancakes (!) the lavender grower explained. While I love the sight of my lavender bouquet on my desk and I enjoy it’s delicate perfume, call me square but lavender is not something I enjoy tasting.

Do you?

However, I remember how my mother always used to put lavender flowers in the laundry closet and me and my sister would love to sleep in the clean, lavender scented sheets. For practical reasons I prefer lavender in sachets: on one hand because it makes less of a mess and on the other because the dried lavender flowers release their perfume when pressed.  Should you want to give your laundry closed a boost of perfume just squeeze the sachet 🙂 Fun!

This is a quick and rewarding project: you need just a few minutes to make it and you can enjoy it immediately: you can put it in your closet, under you pillow, in a hot bathtub or you could embroider a word or a name on the sachet and give it as a gift to someone close to you.

First cut a fabric rectangle. Choose a natural fabric with a plain weave to allow the fragrance to dissolve in the air. Sew a hem on one of the sides of the fabric rectangle.

Then fold in half and sew the other two sides together.

Turn outside out and sew a thin ribbon.

Put the lavender inside and tie the ribbon.

If you want, you can tie in the outside knot a few lavender flowers. Make a bow. You’re done!