How to shop – and get inspired by – your own closet with Pinterest

Do you guys remember life before Pinterest or Bloglovin? Pinterest is great: there’s no need to limit yourself to just 20 (200?) photos because they won’t fit on your corkboard, you can share and discover new things and create secret boards if you want to “marinate” a project or an idea. But I’m preaching to the converted I believe 🙂

The downside of Pinterest is that it – in all it’s wonderfulness – contributes to analysis paralysis. Soo many choices, everything is beautiful, I need them all.

And this is important when you are a maker who loves to explore new techniques and new ideas but also wants to stay minimalistic and not contribute to the quicksands of the fast fashion industry.

A way to fall (back) in love with the things you already own and get a new perspective on your closet is to look for your favourite garments on Pinterest and see how other people wear them.

Do this quick exercise: pick 5 items you love most from your closet (if that’s difficult, just pick the first 5 that come to mind. Try not to make them pairs of socks!), then pick 1 item you really like but never wear.

Then search away on Pinterest, and if you have the time, even create boards for those items of clothing, so you never find yourself uninspired again.

Here’s what I would choose:

  • my ripped pair of jeans that started as a bootcut and turned into a skinny denim pant
  • a little black jersey dress I have since for ever and love
  • a plaid sleeveless top I made
  • a pair of black pants with an elastic waist and generous front pleats
  • a white, short-sleeved blouse
  • the joker: a blue classic button-down shirt with a white-collar and cuffs

If you have a white blouse around

And here are some ideas for wearing more of your white blouses (and not buying a new one):

  • wear it with with a bow, a bow-tie or a scarf; it’s the perfect canvas
  • wear it with sweatpants! perfect if you’re working from home
  • wear it with a knitted top in a bold colour and cat eye makeup
  • wear it with jeans and a straw hat
  • wear it with a heavy drape, paperbag waist maxi skirt like this one from Carolina Herrera

Follow sky’s board the white blouse on Pinterest.

The case of ripped jeans

Or for the ripped denim jeans:

  • wear them cuffed twice with white canvas shoes and a tucked in shirt
  • wear them with a loose fitting tank to, slip-on sneakers and a high bun
  • wear them with a cropped black top, boots and a large bag
  • wear them with a busy print button-down shirt and a funky bag or backpackripped denim jeans: wear them cuffed, with a cropped knitted halter neck top
  • wear them with heels, a perfectly pressed, half-tucked in shirt and a printed or embroidered clutch

Follow sky’s board ripped denim jeans on Pinterest.

In closing, pin as much as you want, buy as little as possible!



3 thoughts on “How to shop – and get inspired by – your own closet with Pinterest”

  1. What a brilliant idea. I am absolutely with you on philosophy.

    I did initially think you were suggesting putting your wardrobe on Pinterest and then looking at the items with a new eye, or asking to world to suggest how to style them.

    1. Very glad to hear, Kate!
      I meant to photograph the items and add them at first, but in the end I just collected similar looking garments. I think this also helps see things in a new light.
      I really like your ideas: both adding your actual wardrobe to pinterest and asking people to suggest styling options!

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