How to stamp pots – forever

This is not a happy story. And it wasn’t a pretty sight. (Actually there was so much smoke in the kitchen it wasn’t a sight at all.) And what you see here is the pot in which I was trying to make Caramelized Pears. The pot in the image is at its third scrub, after a night of soaking inĀ hardĀ chemicals.

So, in case you want to make Caramelized Pears (yum-yum), here is how to: (serves 4)

  1. Take 4 healthy, not to juicy pears.
  2. Peel the fruit. Cut in halves.
  3. Caramelize three spoons of brown sugar. Add three spoons of milk.
  4. Put the halves flat side down on the caramel. Count to ten in your mind, wash a spoon or check if there’s something new in the fridge.
  5. Add a glass of water and leave it on the stove until the liquid has thickened and the pears are tender.
  6. Serve with vanilla icecream.

Do not, I repeat do NOT:

  • leave the room to write a short blog post
  • start a conversation with an interesting person
  • take a shower
  • do all of the above and then wonder how is it possible that you failed to make such an easy to master desert.

Happy (-er than mine at least) Cooking!

(photo of succesfully caramelized pears from garden apartment’s flickr)

6 thoughts on “How to stamp pots – forever”

  1. I discovered some time ago that you can also get a beautiful, fine-detailed pattern using rice instead of pears. Try it out!

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