Knit Pencil Skirt Inspiration

I am not a big fan of skirts during summer because they tend to be a bit high maintenance. They fly with the lightest breeze, they run up your back while you hurry to get into work, they rebel against you when you bike. Basically, you have to remember you’re wearing a skirt and be a lady.

But in winter, they’re actually great. Worn with tights and leggings, they can be a non-skirt-lover’s best friend. They’re comfortable, easy to make and they bring an easy pop of colour to winter wear.

I’ve been thinking about making a knit pencil skirt and see how much wear it would get. I really like Eleonore Klein’s Brume skirt and I love her Wearability Project. I am so happy she’s back!

dark grey brume skirt

Here is some inspiration for my new skirt! I know I don’t want it to be too tight, but I want it to have a slight pencil shape. I really like this bright version below from Harper’s Bazaar (especially with that t-shirt hemline), but I think I might wear more a black skirt.

bright orange knit skirt

This silhouette: crop top with high waisted skirt worn by Moona and captured by Hel looks is very cool as well. I’m pretty sure I would want my hemline to fall above the knees though.

grey knit hight waisted pencil skirt

This Burda pattern is not designed for a knit, but I saw this print in a thick knit at the fabric store, so I’ll just imagine it is 🙂 This version is shorter, but because it’s not too tight it works.

plaid mini skirt

Jasmin, also captured by Hel Looks is wearing a knit dress here, but you could imagine a knit skirt with a dramatic asymetrical hemline. It looks great!

dramatic asymetrical knit skirt

Last but not least, this Asos knit skirt is more fitted, but it looks like the model can still move, bend, eat a box full of cookies. I like the matching top as well!

printed knit pencil skirt

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