My New Laptop Bag

Laptop Bag

The fun thing about this bag is that it was born to keep company to a pair of boots I bought. Since the boots are a bit outside my clothing comfort zone (see below), I needed something that would:
1. Tame them a bit
2. Carry my laptop
3. Look nice:)

My first idea was to use leatherette or vinyl, but I wanted something more casual, so in the end I decided to use dark denim.

Now back to the boots. These boots are something. Something I would never ever – normally – buy (cross my heart and hope to die). It was love at first sight. (Since I don’t believe in that, I had to wait three weeks to actually go back and buy them:) They feel nice, they are well made and well sewn -plus they make a noise that could wake up the dead – so why not?

The Boots!

Apart from that, these boots are starting to war against some of my other bags – specially backpacks, so I worked from them and for them.

I decided to keep the bag simple and sleek. I wanted a big sturdy laptop bag, but neither a backpack or a messenger. I love messengers, but I hate them bouncing against my body and that gets worse with a laptop inside. Plus it makes you walk like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I wanted something simple, with an interesting shape, comfortable and last but not least that would look good with the new boots. (Yay!) A few hours later this is what I got.

(Got carried away and made the lining out of patchwork like glittery fabric :))

The Laptop Bag - inside

I’d love to know your opinion, so drop me a comment, or a line, or a tweet @skyturtle, even a smoke signal if you’d like 🙂

7 thoughts on “My New Laptop Bag”

  1. sunt geniale cizmele 😀 geanta ai intarit-o cu ceva? ca si eu vreau sa-mi fac, dar inca nu m-am hot cu ce sa o captusesc ca sa protejez laptopul de busituri 🙂

    1. Hihi, ma bucur ca iti plac: )
      Bai nu am intarit-o pentru ca denimul asta e destul de dur, dar ma gandesc sa mai fac o varianta cu paspoal si poate ii pun si intaritura.

    2. PS. Eu laptopul il tin intr-o husa captusita, asa pot sa schimb gentile de cate ori vreau eu. Sigur gasesti de cumparat fas captusit cu vatelina. Il poti pune intre panza pentru fata si dublura si gata. Eu am mai incercat cu burete subtire dar nu mi-a placut ce a iesit:)

      1. de fapt tot husa vreau sa fac si eu, tot ca sa pot schimba gentile 🙂 eu ma gandisem la izopren (nu stiu daca asa se scrie :P) dar nu am gasit sa cumpar. vatelina mi se pare totusi prea subtire. am gasit niste presuri de pus in baie, facute dintr-o spuma, si ma bate gandul sa incerc cu alea 😛

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