My New Mod Tshirt Dress

grey and white leaves tshirt dress

This looks like any ordinary tshirt dress, right? Just a piece of fabric and a few seams and ta-da – E-A-S-Y. Right? Wrong. This dress has a story 🙂

Once upon a time the fabric was found in a thrift fabric shop in the centre of Barcelona. It was a thick jersey knit and the pattern was so early 60’s that it had to be purchased. To defy all mod rules, I had envisioned sewing a batwing blouse from it but the weather was so frightening (ice-cream was turning into liquid the instant you went out of the shadow, oh the lovely times) I didn’t dare cut the thick, elastic knit.

And forgotten it was until I made a long-sleeved dress from it. Just that the dress didn’t quite fit. It took hours and hours to sew a new type of neckline that I will never sew again and it just looked funny. The wrong way. The sleeves were to relaxed compared to the tight fit of the dress. For a while I didn’t know what to do with it, so I just let it marinate in the “ugly things” basket.

And then, one day I had it – why cut off the sleeves, of course and make it a t-shirt dress. And it worked. So I’m sharing.

The end 🙂

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