Thoughts about making things that are beautiful but maybe not essential

At the beginning of last month I got a boost of inspiration for sewing. It was very specific what I wanted to make, and I knew that these were things I was going to wear a lot. I bought the fabric I needed for these very specific, planned out, thought out items, and in a frenzy I sewed all of them over the course of a couple of weeks.

In total, I made myself:

I finished a stripey long-sleeve shirt that I started months ago and which I stitched slowly by hand
A pair of black linen elastic-waist pants
Two black linen tops (one Georgia top by Elizabeth Suzann and another inspired by their Harper tunic)
One double-gauze top inspired by the Harper tunic
One double-gauze lounge set from Peppermint Magazine

That’s a lot of new stuff!

I’ve been wearing all of these in rotation since I made them, but I can’t stop looking at my already large amount of clothes that are perfectly fine, feeling guilty about making so many new things, and wondering about the best way to make less, but still learn and experiment and follow inspiration when it strikes.

I know about myself that I prefer to have fewer things, but if I keep making things, and also don’t want to create waste. How can a hobby of sewing and making be more sustainable? How can one get closer to zero-waste when we are constantly making things?

Do you ever feel guilt about making new things? How do you slow down?

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