Oh, not another anti-Valentine… has she no heart?

chinese paper lanterns fish

Hope you’re joyful and inspired and hope you’re having a great day.

Last year I made the anti-valentine broccoli (they say hello!) and this year I’m sharing these Chinese paper fish hanging on my terrace, enjoying the wind and the sun.


Because you don’t need a special day to say “i like you”, you can say it everyday, or even twice a day if you want. You don’t need to shape everything like a heart to say it either. You don’t have to be corny and faintly sweet, you can just be who you are and do the things you naturally do.

So heart-shaped candy, “I’d like you to be mine” cards, pink roses and kittens and cotton candy, I don’t want you today.

Have fun, don’t buy stuff nobody likes and make popcorn! Happy anti-Valentine y’all.