Pondering on Lazy. Lazy is as Lazy Does

Looks like the lazy craft-along is on (so excited!) Here’s a little brainstorming to get started. If you want to help and play along just leave me your definition of lazy in the comments section. Or on Twitter if you prefer.

Lazy is:

  • laying down on the grass in the middle of the day
  • fishing in a pond with no fish and falling asleep on the dock
  • pretending to read on a sofa after a late breakfast on a Sunday
  • cutting off an old pair of jeans and never again sewing a hem on them
  • doing as you please even when you have better things to do
  • eating ice-cream directly from the box, in front of the fridge
  • walking out of your house in the morning with your eyes still closed

Hope you have a lazy weekend : )

2 thoughts on “Pondering on Lazy. Lazy is as Lazy Does”

  1. Lazy is having a messy house but playing sims because you don’t feel like cleaning it up- over and over and over and over….

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