Raindeer Embroidered Hoodie

This project was inspired by a toddler hoodie I stumbled upon. I really liked the deer but I am not a big fan of felt applique (sorry). So I decided to embroider it instead. Christmas is almost here 😛 so I got a basic red hoodie and embroidered the deer with white cotton.

Zoom in

First I drafted the pattern. (Super easy, used an A4 normal printer paper and cut the head separate from the horns. If you think you need the pattern, tell me and I’ll upload it.)

Step one: draft the pattern

Then cut it out and outlined the shape on the hoodie.

Deer drawn

Embroidered it while listening to samba 🙂

Work in progress

And that’s it.

Deer done: )

I am still thinking whether I want to embroider something on the back too (like the legs of the deer?) or just leave it like that.

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