Sewing a knit pullover is easy

green knit pullover

Reconstructing the blue floral pullover gave me courage to try to make my own – from scratch. Using a pattern I design. Probably ruining fabric I really like – a disarmingly crude green I found by magic in a fabric store.

I drafted the new pattern from the above-mentioned reconstructed pullover. I added longer sleeves, puffy shoulders and a bit deeper neckline.

I marked and cut the fabric and kept it in the unfinished box for a few weeks to marinate. Then, in half an hour I stitched it up and – voilà! A pullover. That I made. That I like! And it was soo easy.

You can’t see in this photo – but I’ll try to get action shots – but there’s an iron-on green and pink butterfly on the back neckline.

Now, I could have added the classical ribbed trim for the hem and neckline, but I didn’t. The unexpected upside of that is that it actually looks dressy. A pullover. Can you imagine?


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