Sukie Iron-ons – a book review

Ok, this is not exactly a book review, I confess. It’s more like a oh-my-god-how-cool-is-that kind of a review.


This book is awesome. The designs are smart and funny, cute but not in that I think I’m going to be sick if I see one more pink kitty kind of cute.


Another thing I like is that the decals can be combined. You can cut, paste, iron-on as much as your imagination lets you.

One thing I didn’t like are the letters. There’s a reason why there are more vocals than consonants in a Scrabble game, and there’s a reason why you get maybe two x’s in a pack but 7-8 c’s, d’s and m’s. If you’re thinking iron-on monogram, I guess the letters are fine, but words – forget about it.

The instructions say “to be used on fine cotton, such as t-shirt cotton or handkerchief fabric”, but everyone knows instructions are overrated. 😀

To be continued.

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