Time to show you one of my favourite skirts

Since my stuff are not here yet and neither the sewing machine (roar!) I thought I could show you one of my favourite skirts today – the green hippo skirt.

It’s made from a modified Burda pattern with Ikea fabric from the children section. I know, at first the fabric looks kid of stiff and rather uncomfortable for clothing but it gets softer and softer every time you wash it and it irons perfectly. ( Sorry for not ironing it this time :D) Not to mention it is easy to sew and upretentious.

This skirt opened op the skirt world to me, it is so comfortable, yet funny and cool in the same time. And it takes an hour to sew!

This green cord gives it a ballon shape without making the skirt too puffy. The original pattern was with elastic but this works too.

I put a zipper and a snap to close it and tada! Ready to wear!

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