The top 10 Sewing Blogs that Inspire Me Most

I’ve learned most of the things I know from blogs and from forums before that. Blogs are great when you move from home and you find yourself in a new place, with no friends who are interested in sewing and making things. They are great when you’re sewing mojo is gone for a week or a month or when you have no time to sew.

You make yourself a cup of coffee and read on about other sewing adventures. You laugh some, you learn some. Sewing blogs are one of the best things in the world 🙂

I’ve written before about the 8 sewing blogs you must read, so even though I love them, I won’t include them here, but you can just click on the older post there and find out who they are 🙂

So – drum roll- let the treasure show-off begin:

Note: this is an older post that I’ve salvaged from a backup, the designs of the homepage of the mentioned bloggers might have changed since. 

10 The Perfect Nose

The sewist behind The Perfect Nose is a molecular biologist specialising in fungal cell biology and plant and fungal functional genomics. What I love about her designs and projects is how quirky and fun her writing is. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.


9 So, Zo

Zoe lives in Hastings UK, but she was living in Barcelona before I moved here. I think I missed her by a week or so, which sucks, because i would have loved to have tiny vermouths  with her and talk about sewing.


8 Very Purple Person

Novita is probably the best sewists out there. Her technique is impeccable, she is super modest and makes amazing things. She lives in Tokio.



7 Poppy and Red Clover

I really like Louise’s personal and I want to sew everything she posts on the blog. Her pieces are super wearable, feminine and comfy. She lives in northern Germany.



6 Oona Balloona

What, you don’t know Oona? Well, that’s really strange. Oona has tons of personality, sews some crazy sexy outfits and writes about sewing like you think about sewing.



5 Lula Louise

Beth has actually changed her blog name to SEW DIY. You’ll see the same eye for design, clean shapes, plenty of white space and plenty of eye candy on her new blog. She lives in Los Angeles.



4 Made by Hank

Katie is one of my favourite bag designers our there. She always surprises me with something new and always created these mouth-watering new bags that make you want to sell your furniture and only buy bags! She lives in Philadelphia.

3 Coletterie

Sarai wrote two books (I only have one and I love it) and continues to surprise me with her thoughtful posts about the real cost of fashion, sustainability, sewing slowly and in general making the best of this pleasant activity. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

2 Cotton and Curls

I like Liz’s blog because she is creative and trendy, yet she makes items that are very wearable and easy to make – she is an inspiration. She lives in Utah.

1 A Beautiful Mess

Last but not least, there’s Elsie and Emma’s blog, the beautiful and creative sisters from Missouri. They only have a few sewing projects but their photography is beautiful, their sense of style is fresh and playful and their blog can only inspire you to play more with your sewing.

What about you? Which sewing blogs inspire you?

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    1. Thank you, Maddie. And the only reason you’re not on this list is because I wanted to extend the list to the bloggers I haven’t written about before!

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